How it is produced:

Honey is produced exclusively by bees. The essential raw material for honey is flower nectar, which tenacious bees work hard to collect each day after countless hours of flight in search of the best flowers, to find the best nectar. The bees extract this sugary liquid from the inside of the flowers using a long proboscis to suck the nectar into their stomachs, where they will store it and the transformation process will begin.

Specialized enzymes quickly go to work on the nectar, definitively modifying its chemical composition and acidity (pH), transforming it little by little into a liquid ready for long-term storage.

With their stomachs full of nectar, the bees fly back to the hive and begin the process of regurgitating the collected and partially digested nectar, passing it mouth-to-mouth to other bees. The process will be repeated with other bees who will receive the chemically-modified liquid until it reaches its optimum state; the last bee will deposit the fluid into a wax honeycomb for storage.

The water content is still too high for optimal storage at this point. To extract the excess water, the bees flap their wings furiously over the product, accelerating the process of evaporation, until the honey finally reaches the thickened consistency that we are familiar with.

Exagroli, S.A. de C.V. works hard to select the finest honeys that can meet the highest quality standards, demands, and specifications of our international clients.

The honey that we sell is produced by reliable beekeepers who comply with the technical specifications for Apiculture Best Practices. We maintain close and personal contact with these providers, using a traceability system that allows us to offer QUALITY for our clients abroad; we know the origin of each individual batch of honey.

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Honey has medicinal and nutritional properties, and is used as a raw material by honey bottlers and in other food and industrial applications.


• Helps to relieve coughs
• Contributes to brain health and improves memory
• Helps to heal wounds
• Can alleviate seasonal allergies
• Stops the advance of leukopenia (an illness produced by low counts of white blood cells, reducing the body's defenses)
• Eliminates antibiotic-resistant bacteria
• Reduces dandruff
• Provides relief for symptoms produced by the herpes virus
• Puts an end to nights of insomnia
• Revitalizes heart function

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