We are a company built generation upon generation, and we are committed to Quality.

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  • The land, heart of a passion

    In 1888, León Liebes, Carlos Liebes, and Mauricio Goldtree began business operations in the city of Santa Ana, in Western El Salvador, where they exported indigo, Peru balsam, honey, goose down, and deer antlers.

    In 1908, these businessmen opened their own four-story building in downtown San Salvador, under the name "Casa Goldtree Liebes & Company". In addition to their original products, the company also sold furniture, gasoline, hardware, paper, groceries, glass, paint, engines, Oldsmobile cars and Opel trucks.

    In 1958, the import, distribution, and retail business split from the export business. The latter began to operate under the name of Exportadora Liebes, S.A. de C.V., devoted to exporting coffee, natural sesame, natural honey, and Peru balsam.

    The coffee segment of the company grew over the years, working with over 3,000 producers in the market, most of them small-scale farmers, along with two coffee processing plants and a network of nine branches and 29 coffee collection sites spread across the country.

    In late 1994, the company transferred its interests in non-traditional products such as honey, Peru balsam, and natural sesame to a sister company: Liebes S.A. de C.V.

    In the year 2000, we diversified our portfolio of agricultural products, venturing into Honduras with sales of allspice, competing with six other companies in the area

    With the coffee crisis in 2001, as global prices fell and no longer covered the costs of production and operations, the company closed its coffee processing and exports.

    EXAGROLI, experience with a single goal

    In December, 2001, Exagroli S.A. de C.V. began bulk marketing and exportation of natural honey, sesame, Peru balsam, and allspice.

  • Trust and Quality for Demanding Markets

    Nuestras primeras experiencias como exportadores de productos fueron muy alentadoras ya que clientes de mercados internacionales creyeron en nuestra calidad y profesionalismo. Desde entonces nuestra relación ha crecido comercialmente y podemos decir que la mutua confianza ha creado un excelente clima de negocios.

    Con un mejor nombre establecido internacionalmente y respaldado por continuas mejoras en nuestros procesos de producción, nuestro mercado ha crecido y ahora exportamos a países como: Inglaterra, Suiza y Holanda.           Podemos decir orgullosamente que el sello de calidad de EXAGROLI representa el esfuerzo de muchas personas que responden a la adversidad con trabajo y entusiasmo, la marca indeleble la gente de nuestro país.

    Export Markets


  • Tradition and Modernity

    Main Office: Avenida Miramundo y Calle Tacuba No. 27, Bosques de Santa Elena II, Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, El Salvador, C.A.

    Processing Plant: Final 4ª. Av. Sur, Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero Galdámez, Chalchuapa, Santa Ana, El Salvador, C.A.

  • Opportunities

    - As agriculture and society evolve, the agricultural market becomes increasingly important
    - The growing population , drives a need to produce more food
    - Diversification - of the agricultural market
    - Growing and dynamic trade in new markets and destination countries

    New trade conditions enabled by free trade agreements
    - Search for highly attractive markets
    - Competitive pricing
    - Green philosophy
    - Healthy trends

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We are pioneers in bulk marketing and exportation of agricultural products such as: homogenized honey, natural sesame, Peru balsam, and allspice.

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