How it is produced:

Peru balsam, known as El Salvador's natural black gold, is an artisanal product extracted from the Myroxylum balsamum tree, which is native to the Cordillera del Bálsamo mountain range. This range covers a little over 400 kilometers squared, where the resin is extracted from balsam trees up to 30 years old.

Unlike other natural resins such as rubber, the extraction of balsam resin begins by "heating the tree", or applying a heat source to a horizontal incision in the tree until the artisan, or "balsamero" deems that the ideal temperature has been reached.

Where we export:

Mexico, United States, Germany, France, England and Switzerland


Perfumes, cosmetics, medicinal products, veterinary applications; in food applications balsam can be used in small quantities to flavor alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, desserts, frozen dairy products, baked goods, hard and soft candies, gelatin, and puddings. In fine tobacco products, balsam is used as a flavoring agent.


1. Antiseptic-antibacterial
2. Aids in healing cuts and burns
3. Used as an emollient
4. Antiparasitic (scabies)
5. Used in suppositories for hemorrhoid pain relief
6. Used in steam inhalations to relieve respiratory distress

Balsam is one of the most symbolic products representing the company's roots, as we have distributed it in the international market for over 100 years, under quality standards, using best practices, and complying with the requirements and specifications of our clients.

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